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Boat launch improvements advance The site enhancement has included expanding the capacity of the existing boat launch, constructing two new picnic pavilions, and installing a new permanent dock, permanent and seasonal piers and restrooms. The site, which is used for major fishing tournaments that are scheduled for Massena, will also have expanded accessibility and parking. Mr. Schoenwiesner said the expanded boat launch area now includes eight boat launching lanes, up from the previous four. A series of new pilings has been driven at the adjoining shoreline along the intake, extending to the river, where a new aluminum boardwalk/dock will be installed. New permanent and seasonal piers will also be attached in that area. “A second set of new pilings was also driven, extending from the shore to the top of the adjacent slope, which will accommodate a new ADA-accessible ramp that will connect the parking lot to the new shoreline dock,” Mr. Schoenwiesner said. Also under construction is a 24-by-36-foot picnic pavilion that consists of a roofed concrete pad and an adjoining masonry block restroom building. The slab, masonry block walls, roof pillars and wooden roof sections are in place. He said remaining construction work includes the top layer of the roof and installation of doors, plumbing and content electrical fixtures.


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